Natalya Romanovsky ART -
 Big Gemstones Beads 

  -Red- 3 in 1October  15*November Red*  *Queen *-Statement Necklace $ 350
*Fall drops**Red *Fall at your door  Summer  -
*Melody*Spring Perla-Fiesta  Deep Sky
Jasper at Night  Beauty -Delicate Design -2youTurquoise Serenade
Jazz Agate SkyPisces-
 Water  sign  : Amethyst and Onyx
Big Beauty Alexandra Pearl's Fiesta New design 2015
Pink Spring YellowWinter BlueOrange design
Tree in one Sunset Purple  #3  Evening with You
 Fun and Fun   Purple and Green~Orange~Night  Dance
May  PaletteFriendly I Green and White MoodGreen
Pink   DayAnna Orange #2Pink 9
Cool   4 YouSummer in PinkSummer Breeze :  Shell  and  glass  beads  $120
Summer Green   Some like it ... WhiteSeptrmberNovember
August Purple Fun for the Evening For You SunshineHave Fun
Black and White Fiesta in the Night some like it ... hotPurple
See Breeze   Magenta

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